The process of designing your home, even if it is not your first, is often an exciting one. Regardless of how large or small your project is, you will need to pay particular attention to the design of your roof. While it may seem like a small part of your overall vision, roofs are often what completes the finalized look of your home, including the shingles it uses throughout the design.

Unsure where to start? Keep on reading as Guys On Roofs, LLC walks you through the variety of designs you will come across when you work with one of our expert roofers.

Open Gable

Traditional, simple and stylish, the open gable roof design is two sloped angles that rise across the sides of a house, where they then meet at a point above the roof. Such an uncomplicated design makes it one of the easiest to construct, as well as one of the most inexpensive, while also enabling larger attic space within the interior. Unfortunately, it can be prone to damage in notably strong winds. Though, if you prefer a classic appearance for your home, this may very well be the perfect choice when paired with the right shingles.


Similar to a pyramid-like shape, hip roofs have no vertical ends and slope on each side, forming a peak at the center. As a result, this design can prove to be a bit more complicated and costly than the open gable, as construction requirements tend to be more complex for roofers. Aside from that, hip roofs usually offer an impressively attractive design and tend to resist high snow and wind better than other styles, especially when built with strong shingles.


For homeowners who want a sleek, contemporary roof that catches the eye, the butterfly design is an unmissable opportunity. Made famous by its V-shape in the center, butterfly roofs look like the wings of an insect right before takeoff. However, since it is essentially an upside-down roof, it will be better suited for areas with low winds. Furthermore, you will not be able to see any shingles that make up the top of the roof, which could be an impediment to your design wishes. It also tends to be a more complex — and costly — construction for roofers to complete.


If you want your home to look like it was plucked right out of ancient Egypt, a flat roof is the only way to do so. As the name suggests, this design is completely flat at the top, making it a perfect fit for arid, desert climates where owners would want to use roof space for outdoor patios and more. As such, it is not well suited for rainy areas, as any shingles — or lack thereof — will have trouble directing water away from the home. If you live in the right climate, though, you can enjoy inexpensive construction costs and quick completion with this remarkably simple option.

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